How to Promote, Market and Make Money with your Music - Engage Market and Connect with Fans

Artists can generate revenues by using the net as a tool to create value for their fans. By using the internet as a tool, not as an end, musicians and bands can get paid.

There are two important ways to generate value and thus get paid online as a music artists: Connect the disconnected to each other and then engage them with something of value.

  • Sponsorships - Get sponsored and connect your fans with advertisers that represent your brand.
  • Musician Connection - Collaborate with other musicians and connect them with other musicians..
  • Song Search Optimization - Tag each of your songs with the appropriate meta information so you can connect with potential fans searching for songs containing your meta tag keywords and description.
  • Business Networking - Connect with music professionals and then connect them with each other.
  • Connect those seeking similar.
  • Business Development - Connect with possible partners who can leverage your work and bring you additional exposure.
  • Think Local First - Connect with fans who are closer geographically and then expand your reach .
  • Save Money - Spend wisely and connect organizations spending money with ways to save money. In return, they can leverage your music and market you or instead recommend you to an organization that can give you additional exposure.
  • Recruit an Army of Believers  - Connect with like-minded fans who are passionate about what your music stands for and create a movement
  • Help Others Make Money - Connect people buying with people who are selling. You could be added in the money-making process as a result.
In short: Connect, Create Value & Engage

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