Innovation in Music & Business: 5 Innovative Steps for Artists, Musicians, Bands, Business Managers & Industry Professionals



Innovation is regarded as the new way of doing something that useful. It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes. According to Merriam-Websiter dictionary innovation is "the introduction of something new" or "a new idea, method, or device."

What are the keys to becoming more innovative and creative than others? How are new groundbreaking ideas introduced? Can innovative behavior be cultivated?

The answer is a resounding yes. However one must adopt certain best practices in order to be foster creativity and bring about true innovation. I have developed the 5-Step Visualization Method for Creative Thinking & Innovation:

The best way to visualize this is to think of 5 symbols:

1) Eye
2) Question Mark ?
3) Two Dots  .   .
4) Light Bulb
5) Handshake

The eye refers to observing new things and developing insights about the environment you are in. Be aware of your surroundings and the way others behave so that you can gain new insights on how you can accomplish things differently.

The question mark refers to continually asking questions about the existing status quo and challenging it at its core. Ask the 3 questions of "Why," "What if," and "Why not" to broaden your views and assumptions.

The dots refers to finding ways to link unassociated themes or ideas together, regardless whether they are seemingly unralted or derived from different areas. Creativity is about connecting things together and creating new fresh ideas.

The light bulb refers to invention through experimentation and trial and error testing. By exploring new ideas and possibilities, true innovation and creativity can materialize. Do not be afraid to take risks and failing. Each failure is one step close to success or a "eureka" moment.

The handshake refers to networking with people who are in different fields and have different approaches or perspectives. You would be surprised how resourceful other diverse individuals can be to extend your knowledgebase, introduce you to new ideas, approaches as well as challenge your perspectives.

Act different in order to think different and expand your innate creative being, possibilities for innovation and a new breadth of opportunities.

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Thanks for the post, I found it very interesting

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