Digital Downloads & MP3

Future of Music: Marketing, Promotion & Artist Management Strategies in the New Music Business Industry


What is the future of music?
Is the business model of giving away free music for a donation sustainable?
How do artists, musicians and bands succeed in the new music industry?

Fighting Piracy By Encouraging Illegal Activity: Can Pirates Be Potential Customers?

Can you fighting piracy by encouraging illegal activity?

Can you convert pirates and illegal downloaders to potential customers?

ID3 Tagging for Music Files - Recommended ID3v2 Tags For Songs

What is ID3 tagging?

What are the tag features of ID3?

What are the recommended ID3V2 Tags for music files / songs?

MP3 File Compression Tips and Encoding Optimization Techniques

Which four primary MP3 file compression techniques are used to compress and decease its file size?

What are the underlying MP3 encoding concepts?

How do you optimize compression settings?
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