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How to Unleash Creative Innovation, Product Differentiation & Build a Sustainable, Competitive Advantage



What is innovation? I describe innovation as connecting the dots between two seemingly unrelated processes or industries together to form a sustainable, competitive advantage and making a difference that truly matters to the bottom line.

How do you create product differentiation?

How do you create a sustainable, competitive advantage?

What is the most important critical success factor for innovation and sustained profitability?

How do you leverage past failures and turn them into success?

Brand Perception & the New 4 P's of Marketing by Constantine Roussos



What are the traditional 4 P's of Marketing?

What are the Roussos new 4 P's of Marketing?

How does Brand Perception affect your Marketing?

How can your turn a fanbase into a Movement?

Why the Music Industry needs a .MUSIC Official Website Domain Name: All Artists, Bands and Musicians are Music Brands in need of a Home


Why does the music industry need a .MUSIC domain name for official music websites?

What is the secret of branding on the Internet?

Why will .MUSIC replace .COM as the industry standard for official music websites?

What are the advantages and benefits of .MUSIC?

20 reasons why all artists, musicians and bands need a .MUSIC website?

Why are FREE alternatives to music websites not a long term strategy?

Future of Music: Marketing, Promotion & Artist Management Strategies in the New Music Business Industry


What is the future of music?
Is the business model of giving away free music for a donation sustainable?
How do artists, musicians and bands succeed in the new music industry?

How to Network in the Music Industry: Successful Business Networking Tips, Basics & Career Advice


Who do you network with and why?
How do you network effectively?
How do you create new opportunities for yourself through successful networking?

Innovation in Music & Business: 5 Innovative Steps for Artists, Musicians, Bands, Business Managers & Industry Professionals


What is innovation?
What are the 5 steps for innovation in music & business?
How can you encourage creative thinking and practices?
How can you harness innovation to help your songwriting, business or career path?

Read Article: "Innovation in Music & Business: 5 Innovative Steps for Artists, Musicians, Bands, Business Managers & Industry Professionals"

Fighting Piracy By Encouraging Illegal Activity: Can Pirates Be Potential Customers?

Can you fighting piracy by encouraging illegal activity?

Can you convert pirates and illegal downloaders to potential customers?

How to Promote, Market and Make Money with your Music - Engage Market and Connect with Fans

How do you make money on the internet as a music artist?

What is the secret of getting paid on the internet?

How do you engage your market and connect with your fans?

Brand Music - Changes in Music Branding / Marketing / Promotion for Artists, Musicians & Music Industry

How has branding changed in the music industry?

Can independent artists leverage their brand in today's music landscape?

Blogging Techniques and Strategies on How to Increase Blog Traffic with Online Marketing. How Internet Bloggers Get Free, Targeted Visitors to their Blogs.

How do bloggers get free, targeted visitors to their blogs?

What online marketing strategies and blogging techniques can you adopt to increase blog traffic and create viral marketing buzz for your weblog?
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