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Constantine George Roussos (Constantinos AKA Costa)

Constantine Roussos is a serial entrepreneur, musician, songwriter, producer, engineer and Internet technology geek. Constantine was born and raised in Cyprus and runs Roussos Group of Companies ( Cyprus ) headquartered in Limassol. Roussos Group activities include music entertainment, eBusiness, night clubs, hotels, manufacturing, international trade, land development, commercial real estate, luxury villas, construction, virtual real estate development and domain name acquisitions.

Constantine has been actively involved on the Internet as well as the virtual real estate domain name space. His portfolio of thousands of eProperty acquisitions include domains such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Constantine also acquired the highly-publicized mobile Internet domains and The domain $616,000 bid was the highest price ever recorded in an auction for a .mobi domain.

He also co-founded 123Refills, the maker of Uni-Kit, the universal inkjet and laser toner refill kits for printer cartridges. 123Refills now has a global presence in the United States, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Philippines, Malta, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Other ventures include, an Internet marketing and search engine optimization company, as well as Fight The Fight Piracy Organization supports fair compensation for rights holders as well as innovative business models and solutions that embrace new technologies to combat piracy. His most recent entrepreneurial effort is .music, the domain name extension for the music community, powered by the 360-Degree platform.

Constantine earned a bachelor degree in Business and a minor in music industry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He continued his education at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood becoming a certified music sound engineer. He continued his education at Pepperdine University in Malibu where he earned his MBA. His last educational journey was Harvard Business School at the distinguished Executive Owner President Management program.

Constantine has produced, engineered and mixed albums by artists including A Family of Snail, Katie Quinlan, Some Change from Us, Pigeon’s Rhythm and David Silverman. He also is a singer-songwriter and composer, releasing songs such as “.music,” the theme song for the domain name extension to be introduced on the web for the music community.

The vision of the .music generic top-level-domain began in 2001 after Constantine Roussos was awarded Top Business Plan at the USC Business School Lloyd Greif Entrepreneur Program for his web music community business plan. In 2002, after recording and producing albums with 5 different artists, he founded, a music community website.

Since 2004, has been an active affiliate partner for brands such as Apple iTunes, Ticketmaster,, Napster, Real Rhapsody, Yahoo!, Guitar Center, Microsoft/MSN, Musician's Friend, Netflix,, Jamster, Adobe, Blockbuster, Comcast, StubHub, Walmart,, Best Buy, CafePress, Live365, VistaPrint, Sony/Columbia House, BMG Music,, Music123, eBay, Skype and others. The slogan of the company "We Are Music" summed up the initiative to represent the global music community:  .music
.music is the web domain name extension representing the global music community, giving music entities a unique identity online. By fostering innovation and being at the cutting edge of technology, spent 5-years developing one of the most powerful frontends to cater the music community. It integrates a full spectrum of tools and revenue generation-applications geared to support the monetization of the community's products and services. These include downloads, ticketing, merchandising, product bundling, live broadcasting, licensing, revenue-sharing in advertising, receiving sponsorships/donations as well as facilitating the booking of musicians, session players, live performance bands and other service providers such as music producers, engineers, managers, agents, consultants, attorneys, mastering houses, promoters, publishers, educators, journalists, writers, podcasters, designers, developers, broadcasters and researchers.

Constantine’s .music initiative petition for the .music domain name extension has received nearly 1,000,000 signatures from the at-large music and web community as well as amassed over 300,000 followers across both Twitter and Myspace social media platforms, syndicating daily news across 21 specialized channels. His outreach efforts to launch the initiative include the formation of the .music rotating board, representing different interest groups within the global music community. Constantine has appeared on numerous music panels in conferences and public speaking engagements at universities such as Harvard Business School (HBS), the University of Southern California (USC), the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Pepperdine University and others. He has also been an active lobbyist for .music at the ICANN governing body of the Internet meetings including Cairo (Egypt), Mexico City (Mexico), Sydney (Australia) and Seoul (South Korea).


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